Automatic Gear

Being a new driver can be somewhat intimidating. Therefore, Lmate driving School has offered a multilayered solution to new driver tribulations.  Many new drivers do not know the proper mechanics of braking, accelerating or steering. Our classes will teach a new driver to operate a car like a pro.


To successfully operate a vehicle, the driver also needs to know how to improve safety and avoid accidents. Automatic driving lessons will give the driver tips on increasing the quality of the driving experience and staying out of dangerous situations. Furthermore, our educated driving instructors will teach the student the most common weak areas for taking the assessment. We will help every new driver to avoid the most common mistakes that cause people to fail the test.


Finally, we stick by our client’s side. We are here to support every new driver until we see that person pass the test. Just ask for help, and you will receive it.


3 for 1 Log Book Hours

LMATE Driving School are pleased to offer the “3 for 1” Structured Lessons Scheme for students under 25 years of age. Each hour with a qualified instructor will be recorded as 3 hours in the Learner Drivers log book.


The RTA developed the scheme to encourage Learner Drivers to participate in professional lessons and gain a better understanding of safe driving.


A maximum of 10 hours of lessons will be accepted and recorded as 30 hours in the Learner Driver log book.


LMATE Driving School offers a wide range of prices and packages to suit your individual needs.


It is difficult to determine how many lessons a student requires. Our instructors will assess each driver after the first lesson and offer any advice and tips on how the student can improve their learning either at home, with family or friends or on their next lesson.


Our instructors recommend 2 hour lessons. In 2 hours you will have time to put into practice what the instructor has to say. This will cut down the number of lessons you need, reducing the overall cost. We want to spend more time on the road with the student rather than going over and reviewing previous lessons or future lesson plans.


If you are under 25 years of age upon completion of every lesson the student’s log book is signed off by our Instructor. You must have logged at least 120 hours of driving before you are eligible to attempt the RTA Driver Ability Road Test. Our Instructors will leave you confident, competent and most importantly a safe driver.

Pre-Test Lessons

The best time to engage a professional driver trainer is at the beginning, this will get you started in the right direction.


LMATE'S learn to drive programme is progressive and allows a beginner to achieve competence in car control and procedures without the hassle and danger of dealing with traffic.


This is our recommended training schedule for beginners.


  • Start with a block of lessons with your driver trainer to build a solid safe driving foundation

  • Begin home practice sessions with your supurvising driver and practice what you have covered in your lessons

  • Along the way make sure you get some lessons to make sure you are driving correctly 

  • Then book a another block of lessons two months prior to your test date.  Time is for booking your test, learning the test area, sitting practice tests and final test preparation


If you follow this schedule you will be a safe solo driver.